Hi I'm Sydney, a chubby 18 year old ginger from Canada. I love Minecraft, Netflix, Star Wars, guys with beards, Disney movies, music, painting and drawing.

If you have any questions or just want to talk, don't be shy to give me a message ! Star Wars Storm Troopers

I’m starting to give zero fucks about how people think of my body, because I’m never gonna be able to love my body if I let what people think of me go to my head. 

I have rolls and stretch marks and guess what ? I’m pretty fucking cute too :3

Soooooooo suck my invisible dick if you don’t like what ya see ! 

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    Self confidence is inspiring. The fact that you can feel gorgeous makes me feel like even though I hate myself I can...
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    I feel the same way girl! You should always love yourself!
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    I actually can’t believe this got over 100 notes :3 thank you so much xx I love you all xx